Zuckerberg Apologizes in Parliament - Example of good Governance

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Zuckerberg Apologizes in Parliament

 Zuckerberg Apologizes in Parliament

For data licenses, Mark Zuckerberg had to stand in the US Parliament for two days. Where 44 MPs asked him questions for five hours. Zuckerberg had to apologize for many things. There was reassurance of changes in policy and improvement in technology. It is heartening to know that despite all the ideological and political differences there is so much of an institution's dignity that Zuckerberg's face was flooded in front of him.

  • I have been thinking since that day when there will be such a day in the Indian parliament, when we will see some junkberg stand in the same hand. Apologize to your mistakes, repent and look for improvements, will try to do it.
  • I tried a lot to find, but such example could not be found that a person has been called in such a way in the Indian Parliament. The answer has been summoned. One or two such cases came to mind, in which there was talk of calling anyone about the contempt of Parliament
  • But what happened in the US Senate mirrors Zuckerberg, standing beside the crowd of his top lawyers and policy makers, stood on one side and the entire Senate on the issues related to the rights of the people, the Russian Interference, the Fake News elections in 2016, were on one side. Senators questioned directly. Political speeches from Zuckerberg were questioned. They had to say that I do not want any person to take a decision on any political ideology. 
  • The Owner of Facebook had to rely on the fact that they will do their best to ensure that there is no tampering in political speeches.
  • A senator asked straightforward if you think that you and Facebook are very powerful. Zuckerberg could not answer this. He was listening silently. Someone asked why you can not protect users' information. Why not give them the right to remove inappropriate content? Why can not it be that if someone sees something inappropriate, then he can remove it.
  • In response, Zuckerberg could say that there is a need to improve the content policy. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, arrangements will be made to flag such content.
  • A senator took control of Zuckerberg on his privacy. Asked, would you like to publicize the name of the hotel you were staying at night? Would you like to mention the names of people whom you did last week?
  •  The right to your privacy, what are the limitations of that authority, what are you giving to Modern America in the midst of linking the whole world? It was a question that robbed the heart. After all, Zuckerberg had to admit that we have missed our accountability. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, sorry.
  • Often in the T-shirt, wearing the Navy Blue suit and Bright Blue tie in front of the Zuckerberg Senators. Perhaps they have been trying to show that the Facebook started as the medium of communication between the friends of the university, they now want to mature. Want to give a sky-high hope to the people who muff for mistakes and give them opportunities for further, so that we can improve.
  • Because at the time the Zuckerberg was snooping on the senators, many people outside the neighborhood stopped the espionage and stood the flag of Facebook deletion.
  • Then I remembered Neerav Modi, when he said that the bank and the investigation agencies are hasty. My whole business was rounded off. Now where do I get the money and how much I'll be able to pay? That is, we have theft and sina jori's season and on how there is a man standing in front of a man's Parliament ie entire country.
  • On the big issue of ours here too, solidarity between the opposition and opposition is very rare. Then the help and praise of each other then the imagination is impossible. 

Two examples are remembered in the entire state

  • One that Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru had ever told Atalji that I would be happy that you become the Prime Minister of the country.
  • And the same Atal ji called Indira Gandhi as Durga to play an important role in the partition of Pakistan. However, later it has been tried too hard.

Yet, it expects the hope that we will come here sometime in the morning when we will see any Nirvav Modi, Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi standing like this.

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