Issue - Large population of India extending headache

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Issue - Increasing large population of India

Issue - Increasing large population of India

Recent Updates - 

  • Three young lawyers have requested the Supreme Court to consider drastic measures to prevent population growth. Along with this, another petition has also been filed, in which the minimum age of marriage has been urged. According to the petitioner, the minimum age of marriage should be 25 years for men and 21 years for women. 
  • It has been argued that population growth is directly related to the age of fertility. Most marriages occur in our country since the beginning of puberty, so women are soon pregnant. This trend can be prevented by raising the age of marriage.
  • There is another demand of the petitioner that the family who have more than two children, they should not be allowed to contest the elections of the Parliament and the Vidhan Sabha, political parties should not be made, and the ban should be imposed on the application of executive and judiciary's jobs. 
  • The intention of the applicant is honest, but it does not seem that adoption of these measures will be possible and if somehow they are accepted, the population of the country will increase In Dhi rate can made the difference. 
  • I think our real problem is that we do not have any population policy. Why do not we have a population policy? Because we follow the policies of Western Europe and America in most of our policies. 
  • There is no need for population policy in these areas, because the population there is neither growing nor decreasing. Rather, it is declining, which is being compensated through immigration from Asia and Africa. 
  • The problem there is going to be is that the cultural nature of their population is changing and one day it can come when non-German people in Germany and non-French people in France are increasing.Some people in India think that the time is not far away when the population of Muslims will be higher than the Hindus. Many times, Hindus are encouraged to create more children than this, but so far no logical base has been established. 
  • The evidence is rather inverted. But for the West, this problem is real because the local population is stable or decreasing and the number of people coming from outside is increasing.

Why Population Should Control

  • Clearly, the case of population is not personal, how many children want to be born. It is also related to national resources. 
  • After the second world war, the campaign of creating more children in the Soviet Union was run, and the more women the woman produced, the same was respected. Such mothers were also rewarded, so that the trend of growth of children could be encouraged. 
  • Now the government has withdrawn itself from this region because there has been a balance in the population. 
  • On the other hand, China has left a child policy and has come to the principle of two children so that the percentage of young people in the entire population can increase.

Policy Made by India -

  • But India? India has made this policy about the population problem that there is nothing to think about it or something to do. 
  • Family planning was a national slogan in the 60's and 70's. Government employees used to try to create less children. 
  • In these attempts, women's sterilization program is still going on, but after the failure of the family planning program, the government has not considered the problem of population growth, while we are seeing that our public services through the pressure of population It's getting screwed. 
  • There is no such area as food, water, electricity, education, housing, medicine where population pressure is not being felt. India can say that India has become a very big country.
  • We all experience this and also discuss it in mutual negotiation. Nevertheless, there is no consciousness of this horrible problem in political parties. 
  • Our leaders are unable to hear the ticking of population bomb. Even the Prime Minister does not express any concern in this matter. 
  • It is a question that why the people who are ticking with the political and intellectual class of India are so indifferent to the bomb?
  • The reason is hidden in his economic policies. The population can not be reduced by just applying or promoting the board. 

There can be two ways to reduce the population.

  1. Either an authoritarian means that there is an imbalance in the development, but no one has the right to create one or more children or the entire democracy, which means the participation of all in development, from which the number of middle class increases and those conditions decrease In which more children are born. China chose the first path, because it had little time.
  2. In western countries, the population is controlled by economic development and the participation of the general public in it. As the general public got intermediate, people began to produce fewer children. The new trend is not to create a child, which we can call the intent of consumerism. Due to single parents also the population will decrease

But we are neither good dictators nor good democratic. 

  • Like China, we could also solve the problem of population by way of dictatorship. But dictatorship is not ours. But democracy is not a gift to us, we do not want everyone to benefit from development. The failure of middle classing is our actual failure, which is presented as a problem of poverty.

Than What is the Solution?

  • If we are ready for a radical change in our economic policies then the growth of the population can stop, which will result in a rapid economic development. But the middle class of India fears that ordinary people will not be able to enter a large number in their respective states. Is it the effect of caste system?