(UPSC Interview) Gastrophysics - An Introduction

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What is Gastrophysics?

What is Gastrophysics?

Gastrophysics = Gastronomy + Psychophysics

  • Gastrophysics is the combination of gastronomy and psychophysics – gastronomy being the knowledge and understanding of all that relates to man as he eats, and psychophysics being the branch of psychology that deals with the relations between physical stimuli and mental phenomena.

Research About Gastrophysics

  • Those researching gastrophysics are inspired by the neuroscience, but are much more interested in studying people’s real-world food behaviours. 
  • Ultimately this research has the ability to give us a greater understanding of the relationship we have with food and the food choices we make on a day-to-day basis that may be beneficial for our health and the environment.
  • Innovative chefs are now working with scientists to understand these concepts and use them to develop even more entertaining, satisfying and enjoyable experiences. 
  • These chefs are taking a more holistic approach when it comes to planning their guest’s experience.


  • The goal is to stimulate the senses, and impact the diner on a multitude of levels from flavour appreciation to emotional engagement. Menu, dining room setting, colours, lighting, music, cutlery, service and every last detail related to the dining experience and the diners journey is all meticulously thought out.
  • It characterizes an emerging scientific discipline primarily based on the physical sciences underpinned by all three pillars of modern physics: theory, experiment, and modeling/simulation.

Relation between Gastro Physics and Gastronomy

  • The relation between gastro physics and gastronomy, can be seen analogous to the relation between astrophysics and astronomy. Astronomers observe planets and stars, and describe where they are and how they move. 
  • Astrophysicists explain why the planets and stars are where they are, and how they got there. 
  • In the same way, gastrophysics aims at explaining the universal scientific nature of gastronomy.