One India One Election - Advantage And Disadvantages

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One India One Election - Right or Wrong

One India One Election - Advantage & Disadvantages

In India Every year one or the other state is ready  for an election. The cost which incurred during campaign process are very high . Moreover, the procedure is also very time consuming . PM Modi has always want to unite the state and general elections so that it reduce the cost as well as the chaos attached with it.
President Pranab Mukherjee also showed support to the One India One Election initiative of PM Modi .Current Indian election system is hampering in the growth of india as well as in policy making also .All it is, is seen as an attempt down vote or show to win the other side. India is willing to shun the traditional choice mechanism and to India A choice give way?

Advantages of One India one Election

1.Cost savings
  • The election process is not only tedious and hectic, but also expensive.Every individual parties spend so much of money in every election by opting one india one election we can save huge amount of money and that can be use for betterment of country .
  • If they make only once for the general elections and the state election. Government spares no expense when it comes to wooing the votes of the fans during the election time comes.
2. Time Saving 
  • Half of the year is spent by the Parties is the focus for the next election of one or another state on strategies and discuss the actions of the opposition party. 
  • The name calling and blame game take a lot of time that could be used for something productive. Through the common people, it would be the votes to save so long are poured together.
3. Vote Bank Politics can be reduced 
  • With elections around the corner, most political parties Tricks cast votes to win or destroy the reputation of the other party. They use to formulate the policy issues that they would earn an advantage in the elections. People are aware of this and what is most important, who are tired of this. Road construction and infrastructure development all seems only occur when elections are around the corner.
  • The fear of losing voters politicians to prevent the passage of the policy to promote that require immediate attention: 
4. Promotion of policy formulation
  • You are never combined their decisions, because they are concerned is always the best way to appease people who expect the most votes. A combined selection process would be enough time to focus on the policy, is without having to worry about the votes won or lost.
5. Reducing vices
  • Casteism, communalism, corruption and bias because of so many choices there that occur almost every year. This will only stop when the elections are held in common and the odds of winning or once and for all to lose prevail. The remaining duration of his career, would not try to stir up the evil that is destroying the peace of the nation.

Disadvantages of One India one Election

1 It is not possible: 
  • Lok Sabha elections along with elections to assembly and panchayats is not as easy process its look like . It will have various complications as the villages and the cities together gear for voting. 
  • There may also be shortage of administrative staff and security to look after the procedure. 
  • Less care at the voting centers may further incite trouble and corrupt processes being carried out unchecked. like Booth capturing.
2. Cost can still be reduced
  • Bring through a strict limit on election expenses for all parties can be reduce the cost of election.. 
  • They are usually seen spending before the model code of conduct comes into play. 
  • If it can be limited, there is no way the costs would exceed normal.
3. Politician can be Relaxed
  • Politicians are kept on their toes when they are regularly worried about the routine elections that they need to be presentable every time
  • They know that they are responsible for the actions of his party members and something goes wrong, their forces could steal mean. This fear is good to keep them under control.
  • Reduce the Number of elections would be to make it lazy for the rest of the term and suddenly shown hyperactive during the election year.
5. The National and State issues
  • Both elections together hold means to mix and national problems with the state. National expenditure is dominated by the state, which in turn receive less priority by politicians.
Final Words
  • An Indian election would be a good change, if it could be done with the appropriate involvement of policies and rules, and care of the growing need for good administration officials and security forces. 
  • Without the necessary facilities, it is bound to create more problems than it solves. The initiative is welcomed and supported by many. 
  • Only if the appropriate requirements will be provided, there is no reason why it would not be good for the electoral process in the country.